164 Metabolism

In Dr. Campbell’s book, The China Study, he tells us that the Chinese actually eat more calories than Americans and yet they have a significantly lower body weight than we do. That doesn’t seem quite fair, does it? Obviously they are genetically predisposed to be thin and trim, right? As it turns out that is NOT right. So what is going on?


We know that the difference is not calorie intake (even though that is important). The difference is metabolism. Metabolism? What’s that? Metabolism is simply the chemical processes that occur in our cells (using the food we eat) to produce energy. Okay, that’s pretty easy but so what… how can the Chinese consume more calories and remain trim? It seems that different foods cause differences in how fast we burn the foods we eat and burning foods is what creates energy. So it must be that the Chinese eat the foods that cause their metabolism to burn food faster. We’ve got to find out what those foods are.


Every time you eat, your metabolism increases for at least three hours as nutrients enter the bloodstream and travel to the cells where they are used. People who eat a low fat, plant based diet actually have higher metabolisms than those who eat high fat meals. That means they burn more calories… hmmm… that’s worth thinking about.


So that’s what the Chinese do… they eat low fat foods that are plant based. But you and I know about this so if we consistently choose meals centered around rice (like the trim Chinese and others), potatoes (like the trim Peruvians and others), beans and corn (like the trim rural Mexicans and others) we can be trim too. The bottom line is… high carbohydrates boosts metabolism! Who knew?


Today… when you choose your meals… be sure that you…


Choose Well

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