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Scientists, as well as others, have always been interested in people who live very long, healthy lives.  There are several places in the world where this occurs but one group of people stands out above the rest. That would be the Okinawans. In 1975 a study was started (and continues to this day) to see if the many reports of good health and longevity were true. After three decades the researchers are thoroughly amazed at what they have found. In other parts of the world where people live a long time there is no way to verify a person’s age. In Okinawa, however, the birth and health records have been very carefully kept.


Okinawa has the world’s healthiest documented elders. As a matter of fact, Okinawa has 15% of the world’s supercentenarians (people over 110) and only 0.0002 % of the world’s population. That’s amazing.


95% of them are free from major diseases until they are over 90. Wow! There are great grandparents who live in their own homes and tend their own gardens. These great grandparents have grandchildren who qualify for senior citizen status in our country. These folks not only live beyond 100 but they remain active and youthful. This is a huge contrast to the health of even the 70 year olds in our country. By 70 most people we know have lost a good percentage of their breathing capacity, kidney and liver function, bone mass and strength.


It just might be a good idea to check into how the Okinawans live. We’ll do that next time.


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