172 The Food Chain

In our environment and in our diet we have all kinds of chemicals which can (and do) initiate and also promote cancer. This is good to know about but at the same time it’s unpleasant. These are chemicals that are put in the environment to fertilize; they are chemicals that spill from manufacturing plants and other chemicals like dioxin and DDT. These things get into the environment and consequently they get into us when we eat the rich foods in the American diet.


What happens is that chemicals are put on grains and grasses and then the cow comes along and eats those grains. Because they are fat soluble the chemicals get concentrated in the cow’s fat.  So now… the cow has 1000s of times the amount of chemicals in it’s fat compared to the amount that was on the plants that it ate.  You see… the chemicals remain in the fat and accumulate. Then… we eat the cow and concentrate the chemicals even more in our bodies.


The one who gets these chemicals in the greatest concentration is the baby who is breast fed. Ohhh… and their bodies are so little. It is estimated that 80% of the chemicals that get into people come from meat, poultry, fish and dairy products. So… one way to eliminate these cancer promoting chemicals is to eat low on the food chain… in other words… eat mostly plants. If you can get organic fruits and vegetables… that’s great, but any plant food, organic or conventional, is better than the foods higher on the food chain.


It is “okay” if you want to eat meat but use it sparingly (like a condiment) and get the very best that is available. You want to look for words such as “organic”, “free range” or “no antibiotics or steroids”.


Choose Well

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