174 Don’t Be Duped

We were in a convenience store (we stopped for fuel) and I started looking at the bags of snacks that were offered. Believe me… I was just looking and I was not planning on buying. But I did notice something really interesting that you may want to be aware of. I picked up a 3 ¼  oz. snack bag and took a look at the nutrition facts. The calories were 140. I thought that was not toooooo bad. So I check the fat calories. Well… the fat calories were a whopping 60… so that makes this snack 43% fat. Oops!  That’s enough to make you want to put this back on the shelf… but let’s check the ingredients.


The second ingredient was vegetable oil. Other ingredients were MSG, cheese cultures, milk cultures, corn syrup, sugar, artificial flavors and on and on. It did have garlic powder and onion powder but that’s all I could find to be impressed with. Okay. So this is a pretty lame excuse for a snack… but there’s more.


This bag measured about 6 inches by 8 inches… so it is not that big… and if I bought that bag I would eat the whole thing without any problem. I know because I’ve done it in the past. The real shocker came when I looked at the serving size. I had assumed that the bag was one serving but it was 3 ½ servings! Yikes! That means the whole bag contains 490 calories of nothing but fat calories and junk. 490 calories is enough for a whole meal! I would much rather have 3 baked potatoes and a couple cups of broccoli; I could even spend some calories on a low fat sauce and be really filled up and satisfied. Plus… if I ate the potatoes and broccoli I wouldn’t be looking for snacks… I’d be too full.


Be sure you read labels. There are a lot of ways to be duped and tricked… don’t let the food manufacturers do that to you. Instead…


Choose Well

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