175 It’s Uncomfortable

Have you ever wondered about bloating? That’s such a funny word, but then, it is pretty descriptive of the condition. J It is not really a serious problem but it can be very uncomfortable and socially unacceptable. And I am sure you want to reduce or eliminate the problem anyway. I do too.


One thing you can do is go on a very stark diet (like the simple meals I describe in the Food Coach Meal Planner). Then after the bloating stops slowly add back the foods that you think cause a problem and see how you react. But, you say, wouldn’t it be nice to know ahead what foods we were talking about. Yes, that would be nice and there is a little list where you can start to look for the culprits.


There are several foods that usually contribute to this problem in everyone. The truth is… when you go on the kind of high fiber diet we have been outlining you are bound to get into this situation but your body will get used to the additional fiber and love you for eating it. Check these foods: raw vegetables, cruciferous vegetables (like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts) and beans. Here are some things you can do:


1.                   reduce the amounts of these foods that you eat

2.                  thoroughly cook them (that begins breaking down the fiber and they become easier to digest)

3.                  soak the beans before you cook them and discard the water (this reduces the indigestible sugars)

4.                  sprout the beans


Gluten has also been targeted as a cause of bloating and other undesirable symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea or urinary urgency. The foods with the most gluten are barley, rye, oats and wheat (BROW). As time goes on more people seem to be intolerant of gluten and it is not easy to say why that is but perhaps it is because of an over consumption of these foods. Between wheat pasta, crackers, breads, pizza crust, cookies and other baked goods many people consume as much as 15 servings of these foods daily. You may not consume that much but you may have too many of these foods for you. Any food that is eaten excessively will cause problems and because these gluten containing foods come in so many forms we may have found the real problem.


It would be a shame to have to stop eating foods that are actually nutritious because of an adverse reaction. Before you write them off your list of choices see what happens if you leave them alone for a short time and then introduce them back into your diet slowly.


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