176 Losing or Gaining Too Much?

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Our bodies are amazingly similar and nearly everyone experiences the same results of “whole food, plant based, no free oil” meals. However, we can’t ignore that there are some differences in us because we are individuals. There are some people who can eat the standard American diet and remain slim enough. They want to eat well, get well and stay healthy but don’t want to lose weight and actually may want to gain weight. For some of us, including me, that would be an amazing situation to be in. But for those people there are some foods that would add healthy calories to maintain and sustain health. If you are in that category we can design a meal plan to increase calories by including some whole grain breads. If more calories are needed a small amount of dried fruits can be added to the menu. Beyond that, some high fat foods can be added such as avocadoes, raw nuts, raw seeds, nut butters, olives, tofu and soybeans. You don’t want to eat only these foods but adding a small amount can easily increase calories.


On the other hand there are those who are losing weight too slowly. If you want to get rid of a lot of weight and you lose only a pound a week you could get discouraged and we don’t want that to happen. But what do you do? Well… first of all you would be sure that you are not consuming the foods we just mentioned above which add too many calories and we would focus on foods that have the lowest number of calories. That would be potatoes, rice, squash and corn for the main portion of your meals (these starches have the fewest calories and yet can really fill you up). Focus on green and yellow vegetables (spinach and other green leafy vegetables, carrots, celery, green beans, zucchini and so on) and limit the number of fruits to two a day. And remember that exercise really will help even if it is of short duration and not very vigorous as yet. As you lose weight and your energy increases you will want to exercise and move more. What a great combination. When your weight has dropped appreciably you can add some other favorite foods like pasta and maybe some crackers or a little bread. (You should have received an email listing the foods to focus on for weight loss when you began the 3 week Meal Planner; if not, just Ask the Food Coach about it).


It’s amazing how much control we have over our weight and our health when we understand about what foods keep us strong and energetic. If you need help planning an appropriate menu for YOU, please ask… the Food Coach. J


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