180 Identical Twins

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Many people think that their health problems center on their inherited genes. But it is interesting to look at studies done with identical twins. These are people who are biologically very similar but they often live separately as adults and develop different habits.


One study showed that if one twin developed type 2 diabetes there was less than a 40% chance of the other twin would develop it. The same thing has been discovered with identical twins that have rheumatoid arthritis.  Wow!… that’s pretty interesting… you would think the chances would be similar for each twin.


There are genes that predispose people to develop some diseases but there is a difference between genetic predisposition and genetic expression.  Researchers have concluded that there are other factors beyond genetic ones (like diet) that explain how these twins can have such different health outcomes. Hmmm… this could mean a lot for us.


We also see this with people who move from a country where the diet is mostly plant foods to a Westernized country where meat is commonly eaten.  Usually they adopt the eating style of their new country and unfortunately they also adopt the diseases of that country. Their inherited genes had little to do with their health outcomes.


Whether or not a person develops a disease has less to do with their family history (about 2 – 3%) than with their willingness to adopt a plant-based, whole food, no free oil diet. We do have control over our diet and it is surprisingly simple to change our cravings and desires for various foods. With good information and a little support and encouragement from the Food Coach you too can control your diet and anticipate excellent results. We are not victims of our genetic makeup. We have the freedom to improve our health. Yes!



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