181 Getting Better vs Feeling Better

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We have a medical philosophy in our country that says that if you have a problem you simply go to a doctor and get a prescription that will “fix” it. Actually what is “fixed” are all the symptoms but the underlying problem is not addressed.  If you have a headache, just take an aspirin. If you have digestive problems just take an antacid. Yep! That will fix you up. Few people ever consider that it would be more productive to deal with the cause than with the symptoms of a condition.


This philosophy has carried over into the nutrition field and now instead of taking drugs for a problem we think that we can take supplements and really it is a healthier way to deal with sickness. But what happens is that the supplements do not stop the disease from progressing any more than drugs do; the person will continue to get sicker even while taking the supplements. That’s something to consider.


Supplements may be a better idea than drugs but it is not the best idea. The best idea would be to make some diet and lifestyle changes to treat the underlying cause of the disease.  Many people say they feel better when they take vitamins but feeling better and getting better are not the same. For example, we have heard about many people taking Vioxx for arthritis pain are feeling better but a reported 58,000 people died as a result of taking it. Glucosamine is effective for relieving pain from arthritis in some people but a diet based on whole plant foods will not only alleviate the pain but will stop the progression of the disease. Using diet as a way to handle this disease will result in feeling better AND getting better too. Now I like the idea of actually getting better, don’t you?


Supplements can result in short term improvements in symptoms but for long term health improvement the outcome is disappointing. The best solution is to consume lots of foods that are plant-based, whole foods with no free oil and the results will be exciting. Many conditions can be improved by adopting this plan and the long term outcome will be a great improvement in health and well being. You can actually feel better and get better too. That’s good news.



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