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We know (based on the Bible, science and observation) that the best meals for us are those that focus on plant foods; that is, grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables and so on. If the majority of your foods come from these food groups (like over 90%) you will feel a lot better than someone eating the SAD. Some people can (and have) made this change overnight but that is not easy.


Most of the time people think they will not enjoy vegetables and grains… that’s their idea of nothing to eat. But what is really interesting is that what we enjoy is based in large part on what we are used to eating. In other words, your tastes can change by simply making better choices about what you put in your mouth.


I can remember when I was a fat teenager and wanted to lose weight. The wisdom of the day was that skim milk would help with weight loss. So I decided to drink skim milk instead of whole milk but was disgusted by the taste. Yuck! But I really want to lose weight and so… I forced it down making faces every time until that day that I thought “This isn’t so bad”. Well… when I realized that skim milk didn’t help me lose any weight I decided to just go back to the “better” tasting whole milk. And you know the reaction… yuck! Now this stuff was disgusting. You have probably had a similar experience with some food.


The point is that we can change our preferences for foods and it doesn’t take that long. That is really good news because so many people try to lose weight by sheer willpower and you can’t do itand… you don’t have to. You can develop and stick to new eating habits by acquiring them gradually. You can learn to enjoy really satisfying, tasty, filling foods that were created just for you. That’s a much better plan than using willpower (it never works); so make one little change at a time (just be sure it is in the direction of better health J). After all, this is a process. If you have any questions about what to have for dinner then Ask the Food Coach and be sure to…


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