186 Nutrient Deficiencies

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When we have blood samples taken to determine deficiencies in vitamins we usually hear that a person is deficient in Vitamin D, B or C, magnesium, calcium and so on. When someone is low in these nutrients they are most likely deficient in many others like resveratrol, sulphoraphanes (Geez! Where do they get these names?) and many others of the thousands of nutrients that are found in food. However, we do not test for thousands of nutrients so we are unaware of them but… they are important too.


The other consideration is that when a person is tested it is for a specific moment in time and our nutrient levels fluctuate from day to day or even from minute to minute. It’s sort of like our weight and that is why you don’t want to base your feelings about your meal choices on how much you weigh at any given time. “I’ve been sticking with the plan and I haven’t lot on ounce.” Well, you and I both know that you need to compare weight each month or even every two months… so don’t let your weight deter you.


Whatever you are tested for must be compared to standards set by government agencies or professional organizations, which have often proven to be arbitrary and incorrect. For example, there is no need to think that HDL levels need to be high when LDL levels drop. Our body produces less HDL because it is not needed when LDL drops. We used to think that blood cholesterol levels under 150mg/dl were dangerous but in the China Project healthy people were identified with cholesterol levels as low as 80mg/dl. Wow!


We don’t actually know the best levels for many nutrients and there is very little evidence that supplementing would be beneficial. The National Academy of Sciences is responsible for settings daily requirements for nutrients but very few (of thousands) have been established and as new research is conducted those recommendations are changed.


The best solution and the best way to be certain that you get enough nutrients in their proper ratios is to eat the food that was created for us and will supply our body with the substances that it needs to perform well and stay healthy. That’s a lot easier (and less expensive) than buying supplements.



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