187 Red Wine or Grapes?

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There has been a lot of talk about the value of drinking red wine. You know… it’s heart healthy because the French have fewer cardiovascular events than Americans. However, if you want the same benefits as the French you have to adopt their entire lifestyle which includes less saturated fat, small portions of animal foods, lots of ripe, raw fruits and vegetables, being physically active, not overweight, get more sleep. Okay, okay… so maybe we don’t do all that… but, you argue, red wine is where we get resveratrol. All the wine drinkers (and wineries) want to promote the idea that red wine is healthy but the alcohol in it is just NOT a health promoting food.


Here are some effects of alcohol. It is a carcinogen and tumor promoter, and can compromise brain function, increase the risk of accidents, interfere with medications, cause the body to store fat, interfere with sleep; it can increase the risk of stroke, osteoporosis, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, elevated triglycerides and present a risk to the fetus of a pregnant woman. And as if that isn’t enough… alcohol is toxic to the liver, contributes to fatigue, and increases free radical activity, which can cause damage to the blood vessels.* Whew! Whatever you have heard about red wine it is NOT necessary to start drinking it in order to be healthy. But… what about the resveratrol?


It has been discovered that the research done on resveratrol (found in red wine and red grapes) has been fabricated to a great degree. Oh, brother! The doctor responsible (Dr. Dipak Das) has been found guilty of 145 counts of inaccurate data in his studies which has been published in many journals. Oops! This is amazing! His research wasn’t the only research available but he was considered an expert in his field. He was responsible for the promotion of red wine and resveratrol supplements.


Once again, this nutrient is most likely very valuable to us but we need to consume it within the food where it is found. Taking foods apart never seems to work. So forget about the red wine and resveratrol supplements and have some red grapes. Actually, you might want to try getting some red grapes (seedless ones) and freezing them (of course, wash them first). You will be delightfully surprised at how good they are; plus they make a great snack. I was introduced to frozen grapes by a 6 year old who told me they would “cleanse my palate” and yes… it was a funny moment that I will never forget.


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