188 How To Be Smarter

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Are you excited about exercise? Some people are and some aren’t. It seems that people who exercise get to the place where they really miss it if they don’t do it regularly. That’s where you and I want to be… conscious of the need to move and work our body.


There are some really good benefits from exercise including:

1.                better digestion

2.               better cholesterol level

3.               better sleep

4.               improved muscle strength

5.               lower blood pressure

6.               stronger bones, increased energy

7.               increased flexibility

8.               improved mental alertness

9.               better endurance… to name a few.


Exercise makes you breathe more heavily which helps clean toxins out of your lungs and keeps the lymph fluid moving through your lymph nodes (you want that to happen); exercise makes you sweat and get rid of waste and toxins from your blood. In general it keeps things moving in your body the way they should.


But there is another benefit that should be enough to get you moving if you aren’t already. Prepare yourself for this one… exercise can make you smarter and help your memory. Wow! I like that! There is a process called neurogenesis (oh… another big word) which is the growth or development of nerve cells (or new brain cells). Yes! Let’s stimulate the growth of new brain cells. Because we are giving our bodies the fuel it wants and needs to function well (that fuel is complex carbohydrates – rice, beans, potatoes, corn) we have the energy and health to move and do exercises. Wow! We have the energy to do something that will make us smarter. Now there is another really great reason to get up and move! We really are fearfully and wonderfully made… isn’t it exciting to know who you are and what your body can do when you support it?


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