189 The Hippocampus

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It’s exciting to know that we can be smarter. But how does that actually work? It turns out that movement stimulates the growth of neurons (nerve cells) including the growth of the hippocampus. The hippocampus? Okay… what is that?


The hippocampus… isn’t that a cool word?… is an area in the brain that is important in establishing new memories and processing memory in general. When this part of the brain is damaged it results in memory loss and disorientation. Wow! This sounds like dementia and actually it is one of the first areas of the brain to suffer damage in those affected by Alzheimer’s. This is good to know about because the hippocampus tends to shrink as time goes by when a person is sedentary but those who exercise and are active can actually increase the size of their hippocampus and reverse memory loss that is related to age. Now that’s good news!


Your memory is obviously important and eating well can certainly help keep our brains functioning well but exercise also plays a role in our sustained good health. Think of something that you can do regularly to make your body move and stretch and… maybe even sweat a little (or a lot). It’s worth it and we can say with some certainty that smart people exercise and that would include… you and me. Yes! That’s us!


So… dust off your walking shoes and include exercise in your daily plans. You’ll be glad you did. The results of exercise will outweigh the time spent to do it.



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