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Good Morning,


What we think about is of great importance to us. What we fix our attention on is what we will desire. That’s how you build your desire for good choices… “on purpose”. You can choose to focus on good choices on purpose and they will become the things you want. Now that’s something even I can do and I know you can too.


If you make a decision to lose weight and then 5 years later you are wondering why you still weigh too much then either you have bad information or you didn’t really do what you knew you had to do.


You have been taught everything you need to know in order to be at a reasonable weight and to be healthy. You also have information that tells you why the things you have been taught will really work for you (and anyone else). You had to learn and understand some things but now you can make it really happen.


You have the information and it is up to you to decide whether you will put that information to good use or not… whether or not you will try new things, whether or not you will make an effort to choose well when dining out, whether or not you will choose whole plant foods, whether or not you will make an attempt to limit or eliminate certain foods that we know cause problems. If you are uncertain about some foods or some choices be sure to Ask the Food Coach. Go to www.askthefoodcoach.com  and find some new recipes or new ideas; there are plenty of yummy ideas.


The choice is yours and I am confidant that you have been choosing well and will continue to do just that. Keep focusing on the good things that you want and desire for yourself and your family and the results will be magnificent.



Choose Well

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