191 Portion Control

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Most of us have heard that consuming fewer calories is the way to lose weight. That makes sense… burn up more calories than you take in and the pounds will roll off. It’s as though you are trying to overdraw your checking account, but, don’t do that… that would be bad. Burning more calories than you consume, on the other hand, would be good!


It makes sense but when people talk about “portion control” what are they suggesting? Do you think that eating large fries instead of supersized fries will really cause you to lose weight? Would it help you improve your health? How about a large soft drink instead of a 64 oz. soft drink? Would that make a difference? Hmmm… that’s a big question. You would be consuming fewer calories… maybe. My guess is you would consume more calories somewhere else.


But what about using smaller dishes when you eat or always leaving a few bites on your plate? Every little bite counts, right? Come on… we’re not dumb. Both of us recognize a smaller plate when we see it. So you fill it up twice. Where does that leave you?


Does the “portion control” crowd really think this is going to matter? I don’t know about you but the thought of eating a smaller portion and running the risk of being hungry is not very appealing. I have an immense distaste (no pun intended) for hunger. I think I’d rather be fat and unhealthy than to be hungry all the time and “all the time” is what is being suggested. Well, you know as well as I do that it just wouldn’t last. We can’t go hungry… we eventually give in. If you have ever tried to fast for any length of time you know what I mean.


When you eat your stomach has two kinds of receptors that determine when to send a message to your brain telling it that you’ve had enough to eat. One of those receptors checks to see if your stomach is full. If is it not, then no message is sent and you keep on eating. So… if you eat foods with lots of calories, like meat and cheese, dairy or sugary desserts that don’t take up much space, you will consume a lot of calories before you get the message. On the other hand, a bowl of beans and rice would fill you up with about 450 calories… that’s about 2 cups of food. That’s a lot! The result of eating the beans and rice? You would stop eating because your stomach receptors would send a message saying “we’re done eating for now”. And if you tried to eat more you would blow up. This allows you to eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full and never gain weight because the fiber and water in the food keeps that from happening. You also get the side benefit of improved health. What a deal!! Do you like a bargain as much as I do? Well… the deal of the day is rice and beans.                                                  


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