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Have you ever met anyone with oily skin? Do you know where that comes from? Oily skin and acne come from the oil you eat. That sounds so simple! What happens is that bacteria feed on the oil and produce pimples. Ugh!


Pimples also come from hormones and the proteins in milk (which increases skin oil production). Studies have shown that milk products contain high hormone levels. Well, that’s not surprising. People who eat high fiber, low fat meals with lots of vegetables consume fewer hormones and, if you notice, people in populations that eat those kinds of meals rarely have acne. Teenagers don’t care about improving their diet but they might consider cleaning up their act to get rid of acne. Getting rid of milkshakes would help them more than a drugstore full of acne creams.


Even eczema is caused by diet. Dairy is a big cause as well as high gluten foods (barley, rye, oats and wheat). Usually these people have poor gut health. Our gut is something we really want to pay attention to… it’s a major source of good or bad health. The good news is that we can do a lot to keep our gut healthy. Restoring beneficial bacteria (with probiotics) and good dietary changes can relieve eczema and for people who have this skin condition that is a big relief.


What about our complexion? In one study researchers discovered that skin color improved in just six weeks of eating more plant foods rich in carotenoids. Carotenoids are phytochemicals found in orangey colored foods like carrots, cantaloupe, butternut squash (not orange M&Ms) but also in some green foods like kale, parsley or spinach. Eating these foods will give your skin red or yellow hues that make you look healthy. A pasty, white appearance is often the sign of a poor diet. Ohhh… You can see this in light or dark skinned people. Part of it is the circulation in your skin. An unhealthy, high fat diet slows circulation and the oxygen content of the blood drops by as much as 20%. Oops! And it doesn’t matter whether the excess fat comes from animal or plant products.


A better diet can increase the blood circulation to your skin and you will have a healthy “glow” about you. Add a big smile to that healthy glow and you will be irresistible.



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