193 Good Habits

Good Morning,


You really know a lot about nutrition and how to control your eating habits. You also know “why” all that we have discussed is true and why it works for us. What happens when we put things in our mouth is not a mystery. The problem comes from all the temptation out there and all the advertising that’s in our face all day long. We are bombarded with billboards, advertising jingles (I still remember some ad jingles from 30 and 40 years ago), pictures of Whoppers and fried chicken, TV ads with food floating across the screen, page after page in magazines with all manner of food primped to look its best. It’s crazy!


And here comes the Food Coach telling you to bake a potato… hmmm… not too glamorous. Not to stunning but the results of doing that are marvelous and you will be delighted at your weight, the way you feel, the extra jingle in your pocket (I’m talking about money, not a little song), the lack of doctor visits  and the boundless energy you can have. So… the Meal Planner is not as exciting as a $200,000 advertising campaign but the end of it is what you have been searching for. Diet books have lots of plans but ultimately they don’t work… most of them are not sustainable and they don’t leave you healthy; they leave you broken. The media doctors tell you what you want to hear: chocolate is good for you, red wine will keep you healthy, meat and cheese will help you lose weight. Oh brother! Good research, good observation, good logic and plain old common sense tells us those things are not worth the powder to blow them up with.


But we still have trouble controlling our choices. Why? Well, there are real addictions and there are people around us who do not want us to succeed. We have a lot to overcome but we can do it with some help. We can make sure that we surround ourselves with people who will support us and cheer us on. We can keep the right foods in our home and learn to order well in restaurants. We can ask God for help and counsel about everything we do. After all, He is our Helper and He is our Counselor. He has set life and death before us and even told us which to choose… choose life. I wish other teachers had given me the answers to the questions on the test. We are to choose life (Choose Well) but it is not always easy with all the temptations in the world but it is our decision to make using the free will that we are blessed to have.


It seems that the longer we choose well the easier it becomes and… the temptations start to melt away along with our weight and health problems.It’s our choice… so let’s… 


Choose Well

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