196 Typical Choices

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Did you ever think about the typical meals that many people eat? Breakfast could be a MacDonald’s Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit (got up late and there is not time to make breakfast); for lunch a Burger King California Whopper; for dinner we’ll go to Pizza Hut for a 6” Pepperoni Personal Pan Pizza… well, you can’t expect anyone to go home and cook after a hard day at work, can you?


I am sure that YOU don’t eat this way but let’s look at what the typical person could possibly eat in a day. We won’t even add in the possible soft drinks, French fries, onion rings, lattes, cookies, chips for snacking, candy or dressings; we’ll just dismiss all that for right now.


Here are the numbers for our typical meals:

Breakfast: Bacon, Egg, Cheese Biscuit         calories 520; calories from fat 270 (this biscuit is 52% fat)

19 grams of protein  

3 grams of fiber

1520 mg of sodium (no that is not a typo)


Lunch: California Whopper    calories 820; calories from fat 504 (this burger is 61% fat)

                                                38 grams of protein

                                                4 grams of fiber

                                                1400 mg of sodium


Dinner: 6” Pepperoni Pizza    calories 610; calories from fat 240 (this pizza is 39% fat)

                                                26 grams of protein 

                                                3 grams of fiber

                                                1410 mg of sodium


Okay… let’s total this up.      Total calories 1950

                                                Calories from fat 1014 (the fat content is 52% – should be 20% or less)

                                                83 grams of protein (should be 40 or 50)

                                                10 grams of fiber (should be at least 40 to 50)

                                                4330 mg of sodium (should be less than 2300)


This is pretty amazing. It would actually be possible for someone to eat this in one day… and remember we are not counting drinks or fries or desserts or anything else. The calorie count is not too bad but this is also not enough food (volume) to fill your stomach… your brain would say “That was nice now what else are we going to have. Please feed me”. Hopefully there is an apple or a token side salad to help fill you up.


Butter is all fat and a stick of butter has 810 calories. That means the amount of fat in these meals equals 1 ¼ sticks of butter for the day! Yuck! There is too much protein and way too much sodium. Then the fiber is so low that all this junk is going to have a “hard time” (no pun intended) passing through the intestines. Everything, it seems, is upside down. Calories, fat, protein and sodium are all way too high and fiber is way too low. By the way, the only carbohydrates in this food are from the bread products that hold the meat and cheese together and they are all refined carbs. Ohhh… that’s not good.


I am very glad that you and I do not make these kinds of choices any more; I know you used to and so did I. But that was a long time ago, in a far away land and is now a vague memory. So today and every day let’s do our best to…


Choose Well

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