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When you base your meals on good tasting comfort foods that all of us enjoy you get a lot of satisfaction (you feel full) and you give your body something it can use (yes!). I am assuming that you enjoy potatoes, rice, beans and such as much as I do. I could be wrong… but I doubt it. J If we compare some of these foods to those foods that are very popular but give you lots of calories (and not much else) I think we can make some observations that would be of value. How about oatmeal for breakfast, corn for lunch and a sweet potato for dinner? Does that sound pretty good? Well… maybe you don’t agree with me that these foods are appealing… but let’s look at what we get.


Okay… here are the numbers.

Breakfast: 1/3 cup of dry Oatmeal (cooked would be more than a 1/3 cup)

            Calories 102; calories from fat 15 (15% fat)

            Protein 4 grams (12%)

Dietary fiber 3 grams

Sodium 2 mg

Carbohydrates 74%


Lunch: 1 cup of Corn

            Calories 152; calories from fat 5 (.03% fat)

            Protein 6 grams

            Dietary fiber 4 grams

            Sodium 6 mg

            Carbohydrates 85%


Dinner: 5” Sweet potato

            Calories 112; calories from fat 1 (.01% fat)

            Protein 2.04 grams

            Dietary fiber 3.9 grams

            Sodium 72mg

            Carbohydrates 94%


Dinner option: 1 cup cooked Brown Rice

            Calories 215, calories from fat 16 (.07% fat)

            Protein 5 grams

            Dietary fiber 3.5 grams

            Sodium 10 mg

            Carbohydrates 85%


Totals (all four items):

                        Calories 581; calories from fat 37 (the fat content is .06% – should be 20% or less)

                        Protein 17.04 grams (should be 40 or 50)

                        Dietary fiber 14.4 grams (should be at least 40 to 50; we can add vegetables)

                        Sodium 90 mg (should be less than 2300)

                        Carbohydrates 84.5%


Wow! This is a real eye-opener! At 581 calories we could double the whole list (1162 calories) and still not consume too many calories. It’s the opposite of what you find in sausage biscuits, cheeseburgers and pepperoni pizzas. Hmmm… I wonder if we could season the rice, corn, potatoes and other “comfort” foods and create really yummy meals – not too bland, not too spicy… but just right! We’ll have to think about that.


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