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The idea of eating good tasting foods and getting everything we need for good health, weight loss (or maintenance) and satisfaction when we eat is really intriguing. Remember the oatmeal (1/3 cup dry), corn (1 cup), sweet potato (5”) and brown rice (1 cup cooked) that we looked at recently? Here are the totals of those foods to remind us how much food we can get with very few calories.


Totals (all four items):

                        Calories 581; calories from fat 37 (the fat content is .06% – should be 20% or less)

                        Protein 17.04 grams (should be 40 or 50)

                        Dietary fiber 14.4 grams (should be at least 40 to 50; we can add vegetables)

                        Sodium 90 mg (should be less than 2300)

                        Carbohydrates 84.5%


That’s impressive! Obviously 581 calories are not enough for anyone for a whole day but in those very few calories you get a lot of dietary fiber and unrefined carbohydrates to keep your body fueled for quite some time. The protein is low as is the sodium… so… you could double everything listed here for double calories 1162) plus double fiber (28.8) and fuel (unrefined carbohydrates); there is very little sodium and just the right amount of protein and a tremendous amount of food. Would you be full that day? And able to control what you ate? (If you don’t think you would be full I challenge you to try it and see).


Maybe those foods don’t sound very appealing to you (yet) but think of the possibilities to make these truly wonderful foods interesting and worth getting excited about. How about some cinnamon and a teaspoon of agave nectar on the oatmeal; some Mrs Dash or Tamari sauce on the corn; Faux Parmesan on the sweet potato or rice or perhaps a “no oil” salad dressing, BBQ sauce, salsa or whatever seasoning or condiment you like. Perhaps you could make a recipe from the Food Coach website that incorporates these foods… add some steamed vegetables, crackers, whole grain bread. The list is endless… there are many seasonings and Food Coach sauces and soups and… well, you see what I mean.


To these “main dishes” you can add lots of tasty vegetables for a raw salad and for some lightly steamed vegetables. These vegetables would add more fiber and nutrients with very few calories. When you consume these foods counting calories is not an issue; calories do count but they won’t add up too quickly if you make smart choices.


With the basis of your meal being these low calorie, high nutrient foods (and there are others) you can dress these foods up (or not) and have a wonderful meal plan that will keep you satisfied for a very long time (many hours in fact). If you are not starving when the next meal comes around you will be able to select good foods every time. J That sounds like a blueprint for choosing well, so…


Choose Well

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