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Isn’t it interesting that most people stay the same size year after year? Think of famous people that we have watched on the silver screen that essentially remained the same throughout their careers: Jimmy Stewart, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Cary Grant stayed slim while Jackie Gleason, Oliver Hardy, Charles Laughton remained heavy. We see this around us all the time. Maybe that’s why we think we cannot change our appearance.


But surely there is a way for us to get to the weight we desire and stay there. And there is! So… what is the answer? The short answer is that there is a little knowledge involved and yes you can easily live with it once you learn how. The plus is that you will not only be slimmer but healthier because the habits that make you slim also make you healthier. It is possible to lose 1% of your weight a week. Hmmm… that’s interesting.


There are some things that you could do to help get rid of the weight a little faster. If weight isn’t coming off you may have to make some changes to use up some of those stored calories that don’t seem to want to move. While food is the biggest piece of the puzzle do not discount exercise and activity. Exercising more frequently, with more intensity and/or longer periods of time could make a huge difference. That would help use some calories but let’s consider our meals.


  • If we eat more foods from the low calorie end of foods (vegetables) with the rest of our meals being whole grains, beans, potatoes and squash we can reduce calories significantly.
  • Salt seems to make us want to eat more.
  • We tend to eat less if we eat the same things instead of having lots of variety.
  • Raw foods have fewer calories and are not digested as easily as cooked food. Cooking begins the digestion process so our body doesn’t need to work so hard to digest it.
  • We want to eat the lowest calories foods first, such as raw salads. That will get us filled up.
  • We want to avoid foods with higher fat content such as nuts, seeds, oils, avocados and tofu.
  • We want to limit refined, processed grains and starches and anything made from ground up flour.
  • We want to avoid sweeteners even the natural organic ones.


These things may sound really restrictive (and they are) but it won’t be necessary to limit these things forever. Once you get to your desired weight (and it is possible) you will be able to control your use of these foods, enjoy them and therefore control your weight. It sounds so simple but doing it requires a decision and some support from those around you. Having a Food Coach giving you support and ideas helps too. So… if you need some ideas… ask the Food Coach.



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