209 Apple Pie or Apples

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We hear a lot of talk about the importance of fiber… and it really is important. It helps to fill us up, pulls unwanted substances out of our bodies and generally keeps things moving along. J When we look the amount of fiber in a food it turns out that the more natural the food is the more fiber it contains and the more filling it is. Foods that are soft and smooth go down easily as opposed to those we have to chew for a while. Just for fun I did a little research and discovered an interesting comparison.


Homemade apple pie (1/8 of a 9” pie – this is not a very big slice) is 411 calories. Top that with ½ cup of vanilla ice cream (137 calories) and you have a whopping 548 calories of tantalizing fat and sugar. If you want Ben & Jerry’s vanilla ice cream, a ½ cup serving is 190 calories. Oh boy! How long would it take you to eat that pie and ice cream? It wouldn’t take me long at all and because it wouldn’t fill me up I’d be cutting another piece – maybe bigger than 1/8th of the pie. Oh, come on… you would too! How much dietary fiber is in the apple pie? Answer: zero. How much fiber is in the ice cream? Answer: zero. Okay… so neither of us would be full and a second piece would go down as easily as the first… cha-ching on the calories. (Oh sorry… cha-ching is a cash register sound and we don’t use those anymore).


On the other hand a medium apple (3” diameter) is 95 calories and has 4 grams of fiber. So… to equal the amount of calories in the apple pie and ice cream you would have to eat almost six apples… make that about six and a half for the Ben & Jerry’s. Could you eat six apples in one sitting and then go back for more? Hmmm… if you said “yes” just try it. Raw apples are filling and who could possibly chew through all those apples at once? Both of us need to be sure to understand that we need to eat satisfying, nourishing foods and continue to…


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