Luke 1:37


Luke 1:37


            For with God nothing will be impossible.


This is what the angel said to Mary when she was told that she would have a Son and would call Him “Jesus”. She had simply asked, “How can this be?” (Luke 1:34b). The angel explained how it would happen and simply finished his statement with “For with God nothing will be impossible”.


Can we have faith to believe that nothing is impossible? That’s what the Word of God says… we know the Word is true so it must be truth. But can we really believe that or are we going to say that in this case the Bible is not accurate? That would be a terrible mistake. How can “man” decide what is to be believed and what is to be discarded from God’s Word? The answer to that is that “man” cannot make that decision.


What happens when someone is believing for “nothing to be impossible” when they are sick? We see some people get healed and we see some people get sicker and sicker. Does that mean they have no faith? That may be true in some cases but it cannot be true in every case. Perhaps in faith itself we can find the answer.


From Hebrews 11:1 we get the definition of “faith” (“Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things unseen.”) We discover that it is a substance; therefore “faith” is a noun. But “believing” is an action verb and requires that we act on the substance of faith and reach out and take (this is something we must do) those things that are “not impossible” for God. After all, there are many, many testimonies of people with life threatening illnesses where a doctor has said there is not hope of recovery and he even has charts and scans and x-rays and statistics to prove his case. Then, someone begins believing (or acting on the Word) and we see a miraculous healing that leaves the doctor scratching his head and saying, “The only way to explain this is that it is a miracle.” Can we deny those testimonies? Are those people lying? Were they paid? Were the doctor and nurses and attendants paid? I suppose that’s possible but highly improbable. How much would it take to keep them quiet? Surely someone would spill the beans somewhere along the line.


No… the person really was healed by faith and by acting on the Word of God. We get faith by hearing and hearing the Word (Rom 10:17). This is faith in the Word of God. However, there is another kind of faith; faith that we have in our senses. If someone tells you to fall backward on to a soft bed you will do it if the bed appears to be sturdy and strong enough to hold you. That’s having faith in what you see. If there is nothing to fall onto and you are told to fall backward because someone would be there to catch you, you may not be willing to do that if you only have faith in your senses. But supposing you were willing to fall backward because that person assured you that they would catch you … that would be faith in that person’s words.


Consider the person who is sick and has faith that God’s Word is true but they look at themselves in the mirror and see a sick, decaying person. They hear the dire report of the doctor and the miserable stories about others who had their condition. They feel pain. They smell and taste the medicines. All their senses are screaming “you are sick” telling them there is no progress and soon the person becomes overwhelmed. Perhaps both kinds of faith are important for these circumstances. After all, we live in a world that is marred by sin where everything is wearing out, wearing down and dying. The earth itself was affected by sin as was our body, our food, our environment. It is important that we understand those things to the best of our ability and then choose the best that is available to us and help our bodies regain health and wholeness. No matter what the condition, our magnificently designed body is always trying to repair and renew itself so that it can be in a healthy state.


What happens when we break a bone in our arm? We go to the doctor to set it properly and put it in a cast so we can keep it motionless until it heals. The doctor didn’t heal the bone but he did a lot to help it mend together correctly. But supposing we took the cast off every day and forced the bone apart.  (Ugh! Even the sound of that is disgusting). If we did something so foolish, what would happen? Would the bone ever heal? Probably not and it would most likely get worse and we would end up needing surgery or losing our arm because of this ridiculous behavior.


Our body is always trying to make everything “right” and we just need to do helpful things and then stay out of its way and stop abusing it, allowing healing to happen. What happens very often is that we unknowingly get into physical trouble because of something we did (like falling out of a tree and breaking a bone) and then continue to repeat the injury making it impossible for healing to take place. In the same way we very often eat our way into sickness and disease and then when we realize we have a terrible condition we look for poisons (medicines) to “fix” the problem and yet we continue to do what caused the problem in the first place.


There are two kinds of faith (faith in God’s Word and faith in our senses). When we have faith for our healing but we don’t see any manifestation perhaps we must consider what is happening in our physical world as well as our spiritual world. We have a body and live in a physical world that must be dealt with if we are to function here. Many in the Body of Christ understand that “with God nothing is impossible”. Discovering which foods could help us heal and the reasons why those foods could aid in the healing process could increase our faith in the physical foods God created for us. This may change our outcome; it has for many, many others.


There is good knowledge that can help in the choice of foods not only to eat your way out of disease but also to prevent it before it takes hold. Ask the Food Coach can help; the answer is simple but not necessarily easy. Choose well and prepare to believe.

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