2 Chronicles 16:12-13


And in the thirty-ninth year of his reign, Asa became diseased in his feet and his malady was severe, yet in his disease he did not seek the Lord but the physicians. So Asa rested with his fathers; he died in the forty-first year of his reign.


Asa was a king of Israel and had everything and everyone at his beck and call. As king he could have whatever he desired. Asa knew God was real and he knew God healed and did miracles but he did the same thing with his body that he did with the nation; he went to man for man’s ideas instead of going to God for His wisdom. He totally relied on man. He went to the doctors and said “Heal me” and disregarded God. But this is not an “either-or” situation; we should always go to God first with our body, our finances, our family and anything else.  Let Him tell us the best path to take.


The doctors may be involved in our healing and maybe they won’t be but it is a mistake to replace God with doctors especially when He has healed you before. Everyone has cut their finger or skinned their knees and we have all experienced the healing of that finger or knee. We may have washed the area, used peroxide and a bandage but our body healed itself. The power of our body to heal was given to us by our Creator.  If you break a bone it is a good idea to involve a doctor. Get the bone set properly, put a cast on it to keep it still and maybe take precautions with some medicines. But any intelligent person will recognize that the doctor or the cast or the bandage did not heal anything. We were healed by the power of God that has been placed within us. 


Jeremiah 17:5 tells us “Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his strength, whose heart departs from the Lord.”  Leaving God out of any situation and looking entirely to man is a bad idea. Many people who don’t know the Lord are doing that but they don’t understand anything else. Those who know that the Lord is the source of healing and have been healed by the power of God must be sure to go to God first and ask Him what to do. Even if some other man or woman is involved you still know that God is the Healer and the only Healer.


Jeremiah 17:7 says “Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, and whose hope is in the Lord.” This is the key to NOT doing what Asa did. Proverbs 13:6 tells us “In all your ways acknowledge Him.” Go to Him first. Don’t put your life in any man’s hands and say “fix me”. Count on the Lord to bring you out whether the doctors do everything right or even if they make a mistake. If you look to God first He may direct you to them but you still keep your eyes on Him.


You might say that God could heal your body without a doctor. He could also fix your water pipes without a plumber or could fix your engine without a mechanic. We regularly call in experts to help us. Your body should be more important than your car or your plumbing. There is nothing wrong with calling a plumber. When we go to God first we have faith that we have called the right plumber, one who will do a good job and ask for a fair payment. When we go to God about our health we may be healed instantly, we may receive a progressive healing, we may need to go to a medical doctor, we may need a Food Coach to get Godly information about the foods we put into our body or it may a combination of things. The foods God created for us not only sustain us but can be medicine to us and heal our bodies. God’s foods are tasty and feed our bodies well; man’s foods are deceptive and though they may taste good to some they also are health destroying.


The power of God to heal has been placed within us and it is our duty to provide good materials for our body to use in fighting disease and physical problems. Being healed and healthy all the time is the goal. Well people don’t need medical doctors but perhaps they need The Food Coach.

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