2 Peter 3:9

2 Peter 3:9


The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.


The Lord has great patience toward us and does not want anyone to die without the assurance that heaven will be his eternal home. That would be the worst thing that could happen to any person. If the Lord does not want any to perish how could we ever imagine that He wants anyone to be sick? No, that is not His will. We read in 3John 2:


 “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.”


There are many wonderful things to say about this verse but one thing that is stated clearly is that we should be in health. It is not God’s will that we should be sick or diseased in any way just as perishing is not His will; we should be in health and not in sickness.


It would be wonderful if everyone came to repentance and did not perish but received everlasting life in heaven with the Lord. But there is something that the individual must do to keep from sin and that is to turn away from it. What we must do is control our thoughts, then our words and finally the actions that lead to sin can be controlled.


What must we do to be in health? We must know that it is God’s will that we should be well. We must know that He has provided everything we need to get well and stay well. We were given a marvelous, self-healing body that is beautiful and amazing in its design. We have complex systems in place in our bodies that are constantly on guard against any foreign invaders or situations that would cause sickness. No matter happens to us there is a process that our body immediately puts in motion when a problem arises. Given the right materials to work with it can overcome circumstances whether it is a cut finger, a broken bone or cancer cells. Our body works to heal us every moment of every day.


Our bodies are wonderfully made but is there anything we need to do? Can we just understand that health and healing are things that God wants for us? Is it enough to confess that we are healed and imagine ourselves well? Faith for healing and confessing and talking health are, of course, very important. In addition, we must realize that if we eat, for example, a poisonous mushroom every day we probably will never feel well even though our body is trying to deal with the problem. What would be the better thing to do?


If someone who smoked two packs of cigarettes each day came to you coughing continuously and wheezing with each breath they took and they asked you for advice, how would you advise them? Wouldn’t it be obvious that you would say “Stop smoking?” The same is true of the mushrooms… stop abusing your body with poor food choices. Your body is trying to regain and maintain good health.


God doesn’t want anyone to perish but we have a part to play, a decision to make. He also does not want anyone to be sick but we have a part to play there as well. We have to decide that we will feed our body the things that build health instead of eating poisonous mushrooms, smoking and consuming other foods that destroy health.


It is God’s will that we be healthy and strong but good health is not forced upon us anymore than salvation is forced upon us. We have freewill in everything that pertains to us and it is up to us to make good choices. What are the best food choices that we could make? What does the Bible say about food and good health? What do we really know? Ask the Food Coach for some answers and some direction.

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