1 Peter 2:24

Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed (KVJ).


When we receive salvation we believe that we have been given a gift from God

that will allow us to go to heaven when we die. However, there is much more

to that salvation package and part of what we get is health for our body.

(The Greek word for salvation is “sozo” which translates into healing,

wholeness, protection, prosperity and much more.) We don’t have to be sick.

We don’t have to have pain.  We don’t have to become sicker and less

independent as we get older and we don’t have to die sick.


But, many of us are not healed and well. Many people in the church are sick

and overweight and heading for a terrible end. This should not be so. We

should ask ourselves if we truly believe that we have received our

salvation. If we can answer “yes” and we know (by the Holy Spirit) we have

been saved then we can ask ourselves how did we get saved? By what



Ephesians 2:8-9 tells us the answer. We have been saved by grace through

faith and the grace to be saved  through faith is a gift from God. That’s

pretty amazing! We get a wonderful gift that we had no way of receiving but

the One who provided the gift also provided the means by which we can

receive the gift. It’s like someone gives us a free car but the car is in

California. They are so good to us that they also provide transportation for

us (an airline ticket) to come and receive the car. God provided the free

gift and the means for us to receive it.


Part of that gift is good health (divine health) and healing if we need it.

We cannot “see” God or salvation. Nor can we “see” sin or forgiveness. So

how do we know all this is true? We know because we use the faith that God

has provided and the Holy Spirit bears witness to us that we are saved. We

can do the same thing for our healing. By faith we can know that when we

pray we are healed – it is part of the package we were given – instructions

for how to do that are in God’s Word. We don’t need to “feel” or “see” or

use any of our senses to know that this is true.


However, we are dealing with something physical (our body) which operates in

a physical world. Because of that we need to do our part in getting our body

in line. We need to know what instructions God has given us about these

bodies. One thing we already know is that our body is always working to

heal itself and function well. If we work with it and refuse to abuse it (in

spite of temptations) our body will diligently perform all the amazing tasks

that have been put in place by our Creator that help it to heal and remain



Yes! By His stripes we ARE HEALED. We can know that absolutely by faith. We

can also search the scriptures to discover what it is that we are to do to

maximize our health and longevity. It’s all in the Word.

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