Cooking Grains

Typically, when cooking grains, you need to rinse the grain (especially quinoa – rinse it a few times), put it in a pot with twice the water, bring to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer until the water is absorbed. For more exact amounts of liquid the following table may be helpful.


Amaranth 1 ¼ 20 min

Barley 2 ½ – 3 40-60 min

Buckwheat 2 12 min

Basmati rice 1 ¾ 15-20 min

Millet 2 – 2 ½ 20-30 min

Whole oat groats 2 45 min

Rolled oats 1 ½ 10 min

Quinoa 2 15-25 min

Brown rice 2 – 2 ¼ 45 – 60 min

Teff 1 ½ 20 min

Food Coach Notes:

Morning oatmeal can be very easy. Put your quick-cooking oats in a bowl and pour boiling water over it. Let it sit for a few minutes and it’s ready to top with date sugar or fruit. Add more water if it it too thick for your taste.

The very easiest way to cook different grains is with a rice cooker. You can control the cooking time and you don’t have to watch the pot.

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