Our bodies prefer ________________as an energy source.

Carbohydrates are made of ________ and _________.

Carbon and water are nutrients produced by _________ during photosynthesis.

Simple __________ molecules are called monosaccharides.

Two important ones are __________ and __________.

All other carbohydrates are made up of simple sugar molecules that ______ together to build long branching chains called _________.

Our bodies disassemble the chains of sugar and our ________ transports it to our cells to produce __________.

Eating simple carbohydrates get into our _________________very quickly.

Our pancreas produces _________ to push the sugar into our cells to bring the sugar down to ______ levels.

The trouble is, if blood sugar levels go down too quickly we feel _________,________and_______ and need an energy boost.

Rather than a candy bar, reach for a piece of _______ or a bowl of _________or __________ (starches).

This puts less stress on your _____________and you get a ________flow of energy.

Simple sugars should be recognized as ________ and not a meal.

Satisfy a sweet tooth with starches or, occasionally, Food Coach Desserts made with simple sugars that are not refined such as _____ _______,________,_________ or ______ ________.

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