2-4000 FATS

Notes for Fats:

A source of energy that is easily stored is _________.

It is easy to eat _____ ________ fats.

There is a worldwide epidemic of _________and the problems that accompany it.

Fat contain _______ calories per gram but carbohydrates and protein contain only ______.

Fats are needed to absorb _______-___________ vitamins A, D, E, and K.

The two categories of fats are: _________________and ______________________.

______________ fats are solid at room temperature. Examples are ________ and _______.

__________________ fats are mostly found in plants.

Two plant oils _______________ oil and ___________oil contain a lot of saturated fat and are ___________ at room temperature.

Most fats can be synthesized ________ our bodies, when needed, from carbohydrates we eat. These are called _______-_________________.

The two fats we cannot synthesize are called ______________.

Omega-6 is found abundantly in our food but __________-___ is not.

A diet high in _________ foods will supple omega-3 needs.

To be sure we get enough omega-3 fats we can grind and eat one tablespoon of ___________each day.

Other plant foods have smaller amounts of omega-3 but eating plenty of __________and ______________ will supply our needs.

We don’t actually need to consume very much _________ with our meals.

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