2-2000 FIBER

Notes on FIBER:

Fiber is a ___________________.

Starch is made of long-branching chains of ___________ _ ___________.

The long-branching chains that make up __________ are even longer than starch.

Humans cannot digest them so we used to think they were ___________ to us but ________ is very important.

Fiber holds lots of ___________.

Even the white part of a ______________ is full of indigestible fiber.

Eating food full of ___________ fills our __________________. If we also eat enough _______________ our brain gets the signal to stop eating.

Fiber helps to prevent _____________ because it holds and passes through our digestive tract quickly.

Because fiber passes through our system quickly a lot of conditions are ____________.

Excess ___________________ and ________________ are pulled out as well.
All __________________plant food contains fiber.

The word ___________ must be on the ingredient list when you buy ____________and pastas.

One group of foods that contain absolutely no fiber is ______________ foods.

Using _______________________ products that are pure fiber is not recommended.

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