2-3000 PROTEIN

Everyone agrees that we need ___________ but how much and from what source?

Protein is a macronutrient that supplies us with ____ calories per gram.

Proteins are made up of ________ ________. There are ___________ amino acids which make up all the proteins in our bodies as well as every protein in animals and plants.

Amino acids are like the ____________which is used to make thousands of words in many languages.

There can be anywhere from dozens of amino acids to _____________ of amino acids in a particular protein.

We have thousands of different ___________ in our bodies.

The _____________of every cell is built with proteins. Proteins are also hormones, __________ and antibodies that fight ___________.

Of the twenty amino acids, eight of them are called “_____________” because they cannot be produced by our body. We must get them from ________.

It would appear that we need _________ protein but that is not true.

Our bodies ___________ amino acids by breaking proteins apart and reassembling them.

The World Health Organization recommends that ___% of calories come from protein; pregnant women should get 6%. We lose very ________ protein each day, so getting 10-15% of our calories from protein is plenty.

It would be ___________for a person to eat a diet that did not supply enough protein unless they didn’t have enough __________.

The problem is that we consume too much protein. Excess protein causes the __________ to work harder because it has to break down the protein and the kidneys have to remove the urea produced during the breakdown process.

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