2-3300 Choose Proteins Well

Most people identify a “__________” as beef, pork, lamb, chicken or fish.
Ground beef is 34% protein and ____% fat. A T-bone is 16% protein and _____% fat. These foods give you lots of _________ and lots of _____.
Kidney beans are _____% protein and only 4% fat.
Asparagus is 38% protein and 7% ____.
Celery is 21% protein and 6% _____.
Potatoes are 11% protein and 1% _____.
Calories for calorie you get more ___________ and less fat from asparagus compared to beef and you don’t have to eat too many ___________.
Low protein, low fat and very few calories is the pattern for __________foods.
High protein, ______ fat and ________ of calories is the pattern for animal foods.
Nearly ________ food has protein and fat. With the exception of milk, animal products have no ________________.
All plant foods are loaded with carbohydrates which is the fuel our bodies _______. They are a great choice for fuel and our ________ protein needs.
Animals eat plants for ______and strength too. Many __________ animals such as cows, gorillas, bears and elephants are plant eaters.
Meal choices could be bean _________, lentil ______ and whole grain bread, vegetable wrap or ____________. There are many possibilities for low fat, low calories, right-amount-of-protein foods.

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