A gram of fat is more than _________ the calories of carbohydrates or proteins.

Vegetable oils are taken out of the vegetables where they naturally occur and are ___________.

Fat is an energy source that is ________ _________ by our body for the ________ when there is no food. But… there is always food available for us.

If we never need the stored fat on our body but continue to eat fat, we will _____ weight.

One _____ of corn has 132 calories and ____ are fat calories.

One ______________ of corn oil is 120 calories and all ______are fat calories.

For about the ________ amount of calories you can consume 11% fat or 100% fat. That is a big difference when you are trying to _________weight and not gain weight.

Corn is about 80% ______________, 9% __________ and11% fat plus lots of vitamins, minerals, fiber and water that make the corn oil in the corn ______________. Corn oil offers fat.

Diseases will still _____________ when total daily calories from fats are more than ____%. Eating foods that are over 15% fat will cause you to exceed a healthy amount.

We can get all the _____ we need from whole plant foods. Food can be very tasty without a lot of fat.

Meals can be prepared _____________ unwanted fat and unwanted calories and you won’t even notice that they are missing.

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