2-5000 WATER

Some people do not drink __________. Most people do not drink enough.

The one thing water can do that no other liquid can do is quench your ____________.

Beverages are mostly water but _________ water is best. Our body is ____-____% water.

We lose about _____ cups of water a day by breathing, urinating and perspiring; this water must be ____________.

If the water is not replaced it could result in ______________ or water retention. Water is so important to us that our body will hold on to it if it is not replaced. Toxins could then be ______________ back into your system.

Without enough water the ____________ can’t function well and the __________ must do some of the work.

You may feel like you have the flu or you might feel very ___________.

It would be better to drink plenty of water and ____________ these symptoms.

If you don’t like the taste of tap water try some of the bottled water this is available. A ___________ filter for the water that comes into your home will remove __________ and contaminants but not the minerals that you need.

We lose ten cups of water a day and the food we eat supplies about two cups so we need to drink _______ cups or 64 ounces of water each day. This is true for the _________ person on an __________day.

Besides water ___________ teas or sparkling water can be enjoyed.
Enjoying one cup of ___________ in the morning is not a bad thing.

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