2-6100 Supplements

Reading articles about individual nutrients can make you think you need to take individual nutrients as a _________________.
Vitamins and minerals are not the only____________ we need; more phytochemicals are always being _______________.
Eating a terrible diet and taking a __________________ to make up for it is foolish.
We need thousands of nutrients in ______amounts not a few nutrients in ______ amounts.
Eating Food Coach style meals will give you thousands of nutrients in the right ________ and in the right ratios without ______.
Most people do not need vitamin and mineral ________________ but probably there are a few exceptions.
A lack of a particular vitamin will cause a particular __________such as scurvy, pellagra, beriberi or night blindness but we don’t know anyone with these deficiency diseases.

Like all vitamins and minerals, vitamin C is in many foods. Eating the whole ______would insure that the vitamin was not synthetic and would also give you all the other chemical substances (nutrients) that would work with the vitamin C and help it do its jobs ________.
Taking large doses of vitamins in pill form can cause _________________.
Correct _________and ____________ of vitamins and minerals are found in whole foods.
It is best to eat a ___________of fruits and vegetables and take an occasional supplement of ___________ _____.
*Night blindness can be a lack of vitamin A (but there are many possible causes). If it is caused by a lack of vitamin A the solution is not in supplements. Retinol (a toxic form of Vitamin A) is found in animal foods and vitamin supplements. Beta-carotene is sometimes called “pro-vitamin A” because it is a precursor of vitamin A that is converted in our body. This plant form is not toxic and the only side effect is a temporary orange tint to the skin.

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