2-6510 Calcium

The elements in our body that we have the most of are oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and the fifth one is ___________. It is the most prevalent __________in our body.
Calcium takes up about ___% of our body weight and is involved in many functions.
Calcium is found in the ___________. No plant or animal or human can produce any _________ in their body including calcium.
Minerals are ___________ through the roots of plants. All animals get their calcium from eating _______.
Many people think the best source of calcium is _______ but we cannot absorb that type pf calcium very well.
Calcium is found in _________ amounts in many plant foods. The calcium in these foods is in an easily ___________ form.
Eating a variety of _____________ will supply us with all the calcium we need. A lack of calcium from a plant based diet is ________________.
The real problem is that many of us consume foods that _______ _____________ from our bones.
Things that pull calcium from our bones are too much animal __________, excess phosphorus from meat and _______ ________, smoking, alcohol, too much ______ and caffeine and a lack of __________.
The World Health Organization recommends 400-500 mg of ____________a day.
A lack of _________ calcium is said to cause osteoporosis. The problem is not a ______of calcium in our diet but consuming _____ ________ foods that drain calcium from our bones. __________ these foods and _______________can help keep bones strong.
Calcium from plant sources is easily absorbed. Calcium from animal sources and supplements is not plus they contain properties that cause our bones to be drained of calcium.

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