2-6520 Salt

Salt is a flavor many people enjoy but we don’t have to eat _____-_____ diets. Some research shows that _____________ salt too much can be a problem.
When we talk about “salt” we are really talking about ____________-___________. When your diet contains lots of whole plant foods the amount of ______you consume is reduced and the amount of _____________ you consume increases.
The balance of sodium-chloride and potassium is important because it helps to regulate the balance of _________ in our cells.
We are often told to restrict salt but if you _______________ eat an ____________ diet you will not have to think about the amount of salt that you use.
Excess salt is found in _____________foods because salt is used to flavor and __________ foods. When you cook with salt the flavor becomes __________and you use more.
Food manufacturers use refined salt because it tastes __________than unrefined salts.
Eliminating foods that are refined and processed gets rid of a lot of salt and also a lot of _____ and animal ____________.
Without the excess salt you can add _____________ sea salt to food at the table. When salt is on the _____________ of the food you taste it.
A few people need to restrict salt intake but that number is very _______.
You can season food with salt-free seasonings and other ________. Use unrefined sea salt at the table and you will __________and enjoy the salt flavor.

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