2-3500 Protein Myths

Some information about ____________ is not backed by research.
Myth: We need ________ of protein because it is used in many body functions.
The myth began in the 19th century based on ________________ (not on good research) of manual laborers.
The recommendation was ______ grams of protein per day.
Russell Chittenden did a ______________ study and discovered that 42 grams per day were needed.
Less protein is not only sufficient but __________ because our body __________ protein and also, we don’t lose much protein in a day.
Myth: Animal protein is superior to ___________ protein.
Proteins are made of amino acids and proteins in each kind of animal and plant are ______________.
Our ___________ breaks down each protein into amino acids and _________________ the amino acids for our needs.
The _______________ of the amino acids does not matter.
Myth: You can’t get enough _____________ by just eating plants.
Calorie for calorie most plants have more protein than ___________.
It would be difficult to design a diet based on plants that did not provide enough ________________.
Eating whole plant foods will give you _________calories and the right amount of protein.

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