2-3510 Dietary Myths

Many common ideas regarding food in our culture are __________.
Myth: Just eat everything in _______________.
A diet consisting of a lot of ______ __________ in moderation would not improve health.
Myth: Some people just have a _________ metabolism.
We were not born with a _______ metabolism; restricting ___________ and dieting slows down metabolism.
Myth: Red wine is a ___________ food.
Alcohol is not a _____________ that our body needs.
Healthy people who drink red wine are probably healthy _____ _________ _____ the wine and not because of it.
Alcohol ______ calories and _____________ appetite.
The benefits of red wine can be gotten from _________ or grape juice.
Myth: Chocolate is a good source of _______________.
To make us like it, ________________ must be combined with __________ and milk products that do not benefit our health.
Fruits and vegetables are a better source of __________________.
For a chocolate taste use unsweetened cocoa or carob and add your own ______________.
Ideas can be repeated so often that they become accepted as __________.
Knowing what information is ____________-based and Biblically-based can save our health.

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