We get ___________ from macronutrients and need lots of them.

Micronutrients don’t give us any calories but are ____________ to our health.

Micronutrients are _____________, ____________ and phytochemicals.

Vitamins are produced __________ plants.

Lack of a specific vitamin can cause a specific _______________.

Vitamins do not need to be broken down by our ______________ system; they are ready to go.

The only vitamin we can produce is vitamin _____.

Minerals are inorganic substances in the _______ which get into the plant through the plant’s ______ system.

Neither plants nor ___________ nor ___________ can make minerals but minerals are found in abundance in plants. [Note: cows do NOT produce calcium.]

Plants contain phytochemicals of which there are many ________________.

Phytochemicals provide the ________, flavor and smells of plants which makes them enjoyable to eat and helps us to prevent degenerative ____________.

Phytochemicals have only been studied in ____________years.

The foods created for us by God contain all the micronutrients in ___________ amounts and ___________ ratios.

Getting micronutrients from a variety of __________ ____________ foods is better than taking supplements.

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