1-2000 CHOOSE WELL: It’s Not All or Nothing

Everyone thinks they eat pretty well but if they do why is there so much ____________?

What you eat should be based on good ______________, not ______________claims.

Animals have specific diets and so do _____________.

The foods to eat were created just for us and they are described in the _________.

Good research and honest observation __________ with the Bible.

You do not have to be perfect but the more you do the __________ your results.

There are lots of poor choices available to us but if we understand _______ some foods are better choices we can resist ____________________.

There is nothing that must be given up completely but some items should be considered to be “treats” and eaten only ___________________.

The first step is to know ________ to eat. It is too easy to think you are eating well when something you consume has more ______ than benefit.

The next step is to discover how to ______ the foods meant for humans to make ____________meals.

There is a learning curve but tastes can ___________ and you can actually “eat pretty well”.

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