1-2010 Continue to CHOOSE WELL

There is a way to eat until you are full, have __________, think __________, look better and feel great. It’s the food you choose.

We need evidence based _________________ that gives us ____________ for making the decisions we make. Our food decisions are _______________.

The more you do the better and quicker your ____________ will be.

The changes you make in your foods will be toward delicious foods that help ___________ your health.

The food industry spends millions on ______________. They influence health professionals and school systems and convince us that they are selling health promoting _____________ but… that isn’t always the case.

A lot of _____________ shows that rich, processed foods and refined grains plus certain lifestyle practices can lead to _______________.

Dietary choices cause a lot _________ physical problems than smoking or lack of exercise.

Often we can use our _____________ recipes by slightly altering them.

The best meal choices are not discussed in ads and the ____________. [Note: doctors on TV, the internet, magazines] Some of the best ________________-based information comes from Ask the Food Coach and Food Coach sources.

The best foods for _____________ are described by good research and the Bible.

The Choose Well program can help you _____________ how choosing well is done.

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