2-8200 Organic Foods

The price of _____________ food is sometimes competitive and there is much more ___________ in the stores.
A huge body of research shows that both organic and conventionally grown plant foods are ____________ to our health.
If a plant can grow to __________ and produce __________ it is full of nutrition and an important addition to our meals.
Whether we use organic or conventional produce we must ______ it.
A __________ of plant food is more important that organic foods only.
Our body can deal with pesticides and other pollutants when we eat ____________ _______ foods.
Researchers and doctors do not ask their patients to eat _______ organic foods. People can and do ___________ their health with conventionally grown plants.
The chemicals used on conventional produce are not good but it is not what is _____________ our health.
Conventionally raised animals are another concern because they contain ________________, ______________, _____________ and antibiotic resistant bacteria that are ______ found in organic meats.
Organic animal foods should be ____________ to two to three meals per week.
Animal feed contains pesticides and the pesticides are ________________ in the animals bodies. They could have as much as ______ times the pesticide residue of plants.
Degenerative disease is due to _____________. Focusing your diet on unrefined plant foods can curb your desire for too much ____, too much __________, too many calories.
Choose organic when the price is right. If you are healthy and want to eat meat, choose ____________ meats only two to three times per week.
It is a good idea to eliminate all ____________ products.

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