2-8100 GMO Foods

GMO stands for _______________ ______________ _________________. [GE stands for genetically engineered]
Genetically modifying a food is different than hybridizing which farmers have been doing for _____________.
________________ is crossing two similar plants with characteristics that a farmer wants in one crop. [Note: Different varieties of the same organism form a new variety.]
Genetically engineering (or modifying) actually changes the _______ and anything can be genetically modified. (Note: GE involves crossing different species with one another. The genes from nuts or fish could be inserted into a plant such as soybeans. That means a plant that has been genetically modified with peanuts could cause an allergic reaction in a person allergic to peanuts.)
GMO crops do not seem like a good idea to many people (including me) but there is little evidence that eating them is ____________.
The best idea is to eat a variety of the freshest foods from the ___________ that are _____________ processed.
What is important is the ___________ of what we consume not just one aspect of it.
If you eat a lot of __________ foods and vegetable _____, eating GMO probably won’t matter.
If you eat starches, fruits and vegetables with no extra vegetable oils, no __________ and small amounts of organic _________, eating GMO probably won’t matter.
If 90% of a person’s diet is ______________, the 10% that is questionable won’t change the outcome.
We don’t have to be ___________ but the more good food we eat the fewer ____________ we invite.

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