1-4000 Weight Loss Success Pt 1

You can lose 20 pounds in 20 days; it’s __________. It that true? Answer key: NO.
If you really want to get rid of unwanted pounds you _________ do it.
Many people have tried lots of diet plans and have spent lots of __________ with no success.
Even if your weight has gone up and down for years it is still possible to succeed if you are _____________ and _________________.
Years ago we used diet pills that were usually diuretics and the weight loss was from __________.
The popular diets today are high protein diets that basically do the same thing. When you eat excessive amounts of protein your ___________ changes the protein into blood urea nitrogen (BUN) which forces the ______________ to excrete water.
It takes more water to get rid of _____________ protein than it does excess carbohydrates or fat.
A weight loss diet that causes you to eat very few calories will make your body think you are _______________. Your body will work hard to keep you __________ and will digest its own protein (muscles) to protect vital organs.
An overweight person wants to lose ________… not protein or water.
Muscle burns more calories. Losing and gaining weight will _____________ muscle tissue and increase fat tissue.
Don’t be in a hurry. As you lose fat _________________ you will be learning how to keep the weight off permanently.

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