1-4100 Weight Loss Pt 2

Americans spend 60 billion dollars on _________________ __________ each year.
People are losing weight over and over because they are using programs that ________ ___________.
The weight never stays off because you cannot “trick” the body into doing something _____________.
Tasteless foods won’t satisfy you plus, your body is aware of _____________________ you put in it.
Gaining and losing weight over and over _______________ the body and leaves it susceptible to sickness and disease.
Losing even 10 or 15 pounds can represent significant ______________ benefits.
We need meal plans that will help us and that we will _____________ but we also need to consider our thinking and attitude.
Losing weight and keeping it off doesn’t happen with a __________ _____________ _____________.
You must be willing to change some _____________, if necessary.
No one can make you do anything. Nothing happens until _________ want it to happen.
If you focus on becoming _____________, the weight will come off.
Look for a plan that you can ______________ for the rest of your life and know the ____________ why those meal choices are valuable.
Stories are never _______________. We need solid reasons from the Bible and _______________ research so we can keep going even when we make a mistake.
Find out from the Food Coach what really works, make a firm __________________ to stay with it and you will succeed.

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