3-0000 Intro to the Digestive System

Intro to the Digestive System
We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Our bodies are very _______________.
The digestive system can turn _________________ and other nutrient rich foods into us.
Our body is always repairing whatever injuries happen to our bodies. We have a ________-_______________ body.
Our responsibility is to give it the right ________ on a regular basis and keep out things that _______________ it.
When we overtax our __________ we risk unwanted symptoms and illness.
Digestive problems are common but they are not normal. We should continue to be ___________for our entire lives.
Food is a powerful tool for keeping ourselves well. An overwhelming amount of ______________ shows that our food choices can support health or tear it down.
Our _________________system absorbs everything we eat. When it absorbs nutrients, our cells are supplied with _______________ and the ability to heal our tissues.
Our digestive system does not distinguish between good and bad substances; it absorbs __________________.
With too many unwanted substances we may see and feel the effects of invaders. You and I can do things to keep this from happening. The Choose Well program gives you the ___________________ and support you need to succeed.
The goal is to maintain positive changes for a lifetime not just a few __________. You do not eat all the wrong foods and you do not do everything wrong. Understanding what to _______________ will help move you in a valuable direction.

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