3-1000 Mouth

We have food choices that fall into two categories: food from ___________ and food from __________.
Animal foods are basically the ______________ of animals.
Plants have a cell membrane that is very ____________. It’s a type of sugar called cellulose which our body cannot break down.
We were designed with __________ that can tear plant cell walls apart.
That’s why we must ________ and chew and _______ our food. If food isn’t broken apart we won’t get as much benefit from it.
We have three sets of _________________ glands in our mouth to help begin digestion.
One problem we can have is bad breath. One reason for it is ___________________.
Many people who are not sick can have bad breath and the answer may have to do with their ___________ choices.
Every ________________ molecule is made up of amino acids. Two of the twenty amino acids contain sulfur which becomes sulfuric __________ as it is broken down and this can be the cause of bad breath.
The biggest source of sulfur containing amino acids (SCAA) is __________ and dairy products.
Flossing and brushing your teeth and visiting the ______________ will help keep bad breath away.
We must _________ our food so that it can be easily digested.
Choosing the right foods can ______________ the problem of bad breath.

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