3-1100 Esophagus

Esophagus notes
The esophagus rarely gives anyone any problems unless __________ _______ gets into it.
At the bottom of the esophagus is a sphincter muscle that is __________when you are not eating.
It only opens to allow food into the stomach but an unhealthy diet can cause it to _________. When this happens, stomach contents may reflux into the _______________ where they should not be. This disease is called _________.
The esophagus is not designed to handle ________________ __________.
One thing to do is consume less acid. The most acidic foods we eat are meat and ________.
The protein and calcium in milk can ____________ acid production.
A high _____ diet can cause excess acid (heartburn).
Acid blockers (Prilosec, Zantec) really work but we _________ stomach acid to digest protein and to __________ some nutrients (iron, B12, calcium).
Blocking the acid for long periods can cause _________________. Acid blockers can be used for a short time while you _____________ your diet and allow your esophagus to heal.
If the stomach is pushed up into the chest cavity there is no ____________ over the sphincter. This happens when a person with extra fat in their abdomen sits down or when a person must _________ to have a bowel movement.
They way to alleviate the problem is also the way to __________ it. Eat low __________, low _____ meals and save the rich foods for special occasions.

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