3-2000 Stomach

Our stomach is a ________ where food is mixed with digestive juices – powerful enzymes and hydrochloric acid.
The reason hydrochloric acid doesn’t digest our stomach is because the stomach has glands that produce a ______________ mucous lining.
If the mucous lining ___________ ________ you can end up with ulcers.
Less stomach acid helps this situation and that’s why people take _____________.
Turning off stomach acid interferes with the absorption of B12, iron and _____________ and this could cause deficiencies.
Protein digestion starts in the stomach so your stomach produces more __________ when you put a lot of protein in it.
If you eat too much protein your stomach must work hard to ____________ it.
Foods with the most protein per _______________ are poultry, shellfish, fish and other meats plus cheese and _____________.
We once though drinking milk would relieve ulcers but the _____________ and calcium in milk stimulates more acid production.
What causes ulcers is (1) excess acid production from eating too much ____________, (2) taking NSAIDS (3) and h. pylori which thrive when NSAIDS are present.
Taking NSAIDS and eating a ________ _________ are more likely to cause ulcers.
Nutrients in produce _______________ the possibility of ulcers.

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